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Common allergic conditions linked to mental health
Posted on Monday April 23, 2018

Although allergies might seem a world away from mental health, a new study finds that common allergic conditions increase the risk of psychiatric problems.

How long are you contagious with pink eye?
Posted on Friday April 20, 2018

Pink eye is a relatively common eye condition. There are many potential causes, but one of the most significant problems is how not to spread the condition to others. There are different types of pink eye, which can change the length of contagiousness. Knowing the signs can help a person avoid infecting anybody else.

Are RAST or skin tests better for allergies?
Posted on Tuesday April 17, 2018

A doctor may use a number of tests to check whether someone is allergic to certain substances. These include skin tests and blood tests. Blood tests include RAST and ELISA tests. Learn more about the procedure and results of RAST tests, and how this allergy diagnosis test compares with skin tests.

Can allergies cause a fever?
Posted on Monday April 16, 2018

Many symptoms of an allergy, cold, and flu are similar, including a runny nose and sneezing. However, these conditions affect the body differently, and allergies should not cause flu-like symptoms such as fever or body aches. Learn more about the differences between these conditions and how to identify allergies here.

How do you treat an allergic reaction?
Posted on Saturday April 14, 2018

Allergic reactions are numerous and varied, and the best treatments depend on the specific symptoms, such as rashes or sinus problems, and their severity. Allergies can be treated at home with antihistamines, steroids, and some natural remedies. Severe cases, such as anaphylaxis, need emergency medical attention.

Peanut allergies may soon be treated with a vaccine
Posted on Friday April 13, 2018

After 2 decades of research, scientists have now developed an anti-allergic vaccine, which they have just successfully tested in mice.

Ragweed allergy: What it is and foods to avoid
Posted on Friday April 13, 2018

Ragweed allergies are common but can cause bothersome symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose. In this article, learn about how to prevent symptoms and what foods to avoid. We also look at where and when ragweed grows, treatment options, and how allergy testing works.

Zyrtec vs. Claritin for treating allergies
Posted on Wednesday April 11, 2018

Zyrtec and Claritin are two popular antihistamines that can reduce allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and rashes. Zyrtec contains cetirizine and Claritin contains loratadine. Their effects are very similar. We compare their effectiveness, side effects, and other antihistamines such as Allegra and Benadryl.

Am I allergic to my dog?
Posted on Friday April 06, 2018

Dog allergies are one of the most common types of pet allergy. Symptoms can include hives, itchy skin, and watery eyes after contact with a dog. Home remedies and medicines can help get rid of some symptoms, especially mild itching and redness, so a person with mild dog allergies may still be able to live with a dog.

How to manage a nickel allergy
Posted on Wednesday April 04, 2018

Many common foods and everyday objects contain trace amounts of nickel. A person may experience an allergic reaction on their skin such as a rash, a dry patch, or blistering after contact with this metal. In this article, learn how to identify a nickel allergy, which products to avoid, and additional risk factors.